Help us fill the gap


Membership of VICTA is open to everyone with a personal or professional interest in the provision of high quality rehabilitation services for New Zealanders with low vision.

Members' subscriptions provide essential financial support for VICTA's vital work. Members' benefits include up-to-date news, information and progress reports on VICTA's activities, and invitations to functions and events.


Make a donation

Any amount, no matter how small, can help people who are losing their sight.


Or contact VICTA and discuss what your donation can do to make a difference to the lives of 95,000 New Zealanders.

Become a VICTA volunteer

Your hands-on assistance could be used to help distribute brochures in your area, transport visually impaired people to eye clinics or medical centres, and help with administration and IT work.



There is a range of sponsorship options available. These include:

Sponsor one year of research into the causes, treatment and social impact of vision loss ($50,000).

Sponsor VICTA's 0800 number or website.

Sponsor all or part of VICTA's visual impairment awareness advertising campaign.

Contact VICTA for details of their sponsorship packages.

Leave a gift in your Will

You can make a lasting difference to people with low vision by leaving a gift in your Will. As our population ages, the number of people with low vision will increase so there will be even more demand for cutting edge research and high-quality support services.

A gift in your Will:

  • will support the continued improvement in services for people with low vision;
  • will help raise public awareness of the devastating effects vision loss can have on everyday lives;
  • will ensure that the best of new ideas from throughout the world are brought to New Zealand;
  • will support vital research into the causes, effects and treatments of vision loss.

For more information talk to your lawyer. Making or changing a Will is normally free.